Horizontal & Vertical Package Water Source Heat Pump

Product Features

  • High performance
  • Low noise
  • Energy savings
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Installation flexibility
  • Environmentally friendly


Available in 14 sizes and 2 versions

– KHW Cooling Only
– KHWH Heat Pump

Flexible applications to suit the customers requirements:
Condos, Offices, Apartment Blocks, Hostels, Banks, Schools, Stadiums and Commercial Buildings

Cooling capacity:

220V-/50Hz from 3Kw to 10.5Kw
380V/3N-/50Hz from 14.8Kw to 43Kw

Heating capacity:

220V-/50Hz from 3Kw to 12Kw
380V/3N-/50Hz from 19.5Kw to 58Kw

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