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Air Heaters




Version A with AC fan motor assembly
Available in 5 sizes in heating mode ((H4350-H4400-H4450-H4500 and H4630) 4 sizes in cooling mode (H4350-H4400-H4450-H4500)
Version with HEE fan motor assembly :
Available in 6 sizes in heating and cooling modes (H4300-H4350-H4400-H4450-H4500 and H4630)
The new 4631S size is specifically designed for the “logistics platforms” market

HELIOTHERME 4000 is designed for all types of small or large areas (industrial premises or workshops, warehouses, large stores, garages, gymnasiums, multi-purpose halls …). This air heater can be used for overall or back-up heating, either permanently or intermittently, or used simply to keep buildings frost-free.

Operating range:

1000 m3/h
Heating capacity
5.4 kW
Cooling capacity
10 kW
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