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BMS & Controls

Control and remote monitoring of your thermal energy storage systems

Off Site Remote Monitoring

Off Site Control

The Skyway Control System


Independently designed, assembled and marketed, SkywayControlSystem is installed and commissioned on site, taking into account the specific needs of each installation. The SkywayControlSystem is designed to optimize the use of thermal energy storage and to monitor the performance of the installation. It ensures maximum savings for the end user. It is a control and remote monitoring system, easy to install and easy to use, with a touch interface allowing a rapid overview of the system operations. Our monitoring platform makes it possible to remotely monitor the operation of all the installations controlled by a SkywayControlSystem.

Saving you


Boost your energy savings thanks to the SkywayControlSystem.

SkywayControlSystem provides the end user with the benefits of a turnkey solution using standard, durably manufactured hardware, with the possibility of adapting the solution in accordance with customer requirements and increasing energy prices. CRISTOPIA can remotely adapt the program of the SkywayControlSystem to respond to the operator or the customer.

SkywayControlSystem : regulation & monitoring

SkywayControlSystem automatically manages the modes of operation, regulates the system controlling each part of the energy production: chillers or heat pumps, coolingtowers,valves,pumps…
It also manages alarms transfers, faults and deviations, state of equipment and operating parameters and can transfer this information to the BMS (Modbus or other optional protocoles like LON, BACnet,…) and by remote monitoring using its communication modem (ADSL, LAN, PSTN, GPRS or 3G).
Standard SkywayControlSystem comes with 4 main types of hydraulic layout (variable flow, 3-way valve, upstream or downstream series) offering the possibility of free cooling management of dry cooler and energy recuperation from chillers to produce domestic hot water (DHW).

Bulding Automation

Growing technologically is a modern day trend. To fulfil this, automation is playing a significant role not only in computation, but also in the infrastructure sphere. The industry demands security and reliability. Building a ‘smart’ workplace will save you from the chaos of losses due to failure or security. Switch to intelligent building solutions, like building an integrated building management system that will help you level up the foundation. A well-maintained building inspires the occupants, prevents any discrepancies and increases the operation efficiency.

Intelligent Building Management System that is reliable, cost-effective, energy-efficient, IT-friendly and has an easy-to-use interface. This advanced system incorporates state-of-the-art communications and an open-platform integration technologies in a scalable and modular way.

Bulding Managment Systems

People and technology you can rely on.

We provide simple, flexible, and sustainable controls which balance the comfort, efficiency, and greenhouse gas reductions of commercial buildings all around the world.

Through our actions, and through the quality of our products and services, we earn the reputation and brand recognition of having the most satisfied customers in the building automation industry.

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