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Solutions which free home owners from expensive fossil fuels.​

For renovation projects, CIAT offers simplicity, savings and comfort thanks to its new generation of high temperature heat pumps which replace boilers without requiring complicated alteration work. For new housing, reversible air source and ground-source solutions anticipate future thermal regulations and add value to your customers’ property.

Specialist in heating by heat pumps, private home owners can benefit from our expertise in our development of innovative heating solutions by geothermal or air source energy: comfort, energy savings, environmental protection, low running costs, a multitude of advantages that promise to make this new range of heat pumps the answer to heating for the third millennium.

CIAT offers the widest range of heat pumps for greater simplicity and speed: high temperature, air source, geothermal, Inverter, high capacity for large homes : we have a solution for every requirement whether you’re looking to replace a boiler or for new housing.

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