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Our Services

Technical assistance

A team of qualified technicians provides technical assistance to our customers.

This team is reinforced by engineers who assist you remotely, and by a network of mobile technicians who work with our customers everywhere to carry out commissioning as well as maintenance operations.

Effective and responsive call centers guide you every day.

To constantly meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and their expectations, our hotline team is in charge of responding effectively to your needs.

For technical support enquiries or enquiries regarding spare parts, please contact our call centers.

Hotline Services & Parts


  1. Quotation or intervention services
  2. Spare parts
  3. Product technical assistance
  4. Technical assistance remote access
  5. Any other requests

JHB Head Office:
TEL: +27 11 792 3968
Email: techsupport@skyshot.co.za

Spare Parts

For your convenience, we stock spare parts at our warehouse where we manage around 1,600 items in stock or a further 16,000 on order. Sky Shot import and deliver more than 6,000 orders worldwide annually. To avoid downtime, reliable courier companies ensure prompt delivery.

JHB Head Office:
TEL: +27 11 792 3968
Email: parts@skyshot.co.za

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