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Shopping Centers

Optimised system solutions for heating, cooling and air handling in all commercial buildings

To provide comfortable shopping conditions for your customers and optimise your buildings’ energy consumption, a wide range of system solutions are available tailored for the specific needs of your retail developments.

Sales outlets:

Small shops:

Guaranteed comfort for your customers requires reliable, efficient equipment, installed within the constraints of town centre premises. Designed for heating and cooling shops standalone air-to-air units require only a discreet air intake on the shop front. Installed in suspended ceilings, numerous air distribution configurations to suit all projects are available. Its heating mode may be backed up by electric heaters or hot water coils

Retail Parks, Supermarkets & Hypermarkets

Medium-sized shops:

Standalone, split, air-to-air units provide heating and cooling, and manage in-shop air quality (clean fresh air supply). 


The packaged standalone air-to-air solution provides heating, cooling and air handling for large stores. A reliable and secure solution for comfort and indoor air quality, offering numerous optimisation solutions to suit your building. It can communicate using the most widespread BMS protocols. An extensive range of capacities (from 20 to 290 kW) make it ideal for large-scale retail projects.

Shopping Centres and malls with water loops:

Shopping centre developers and operators:

When you need to provide a constant temperature water loop to the retailers in your shopping centre. The water loop must be cooled in accordance with sanitary and environmental criteria. Maintenance and running costs must be kept low. We have your solution.

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