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About Tecnair

Continuous progress

Since entering the market in 1994, TECNAIR LV (part of the LU-VE Group) has been increasingly in the forefront, in Europe and in the world, of the “Close Control Air Conditioning” sector.
A prestigious position resulting from continuous research and development carried out in our Laboratories, in partnership with lecturers from the Faculty of Energy Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan who are authorities in the field, and the constant updating of work techniques and close collaboration with our customers.

High quality design

Design by means of computerised thermodynamic models, tests conducted in in-house R&D laboratories (the largest in the sector in Europe) and reconfirmed at the DMT laboratories (TÜV NORD), the use of advanced production techniques in a modern plant, and a Quality System certified in accordance with ISO 9001 guarantee the performance and absolute reliability of TECNAIR LV products.
Originality, design and attention to the requests of the market enable TECNAIR LV products to provide innovative solutions which cut down on design, manufacturing and running costs.

Tecnair LV Headquarters

Competitive in terms of custom-built designs as well

The wide range of units and accessories makes it possible to meet most design and installation requirements. When this is not possible, TECNAIR LV can find alternative solutions to satisfy the most specific needs by calling on the know-how of its partners.

Quality is also good service

The professionalism of a company is also reflected in the timeliness of delivery, installation and start-up assistance and after-sales support.
An information system developed to meet customers’ needs, a widespread distribution system and highly trained technicians are our first quality assurance.

TECNAIR LV: Professionalism, know-how, quality and safety at the service of the customer.

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